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Hooteroll? & The Forest Play The 5 Spot This Saturday!

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Saturday, April 9, 2022 at 6 pm
The 5 Spot, 1006 Forrest Avenue, Nashville 37206

I’m back in Nashville this week – we attended a beautiful wedding yesterday, and this week will be filled with family, friends, and rehearsals for another highlight of my year: The Forest joins Hooteroll? once again for a Saturday night performance at East Nashville’s iconic venue The 5 Spot.

This will be the third time that Hooteroll? and The Forest have joined forces for a double bill at The 5 Spot: for more background on our mutual exploits, and some The Forest band history, check out the article announcing our last performance together on November 13  here.




It’s thrilling to be back in Music City, looking forward to making music with old friends and catching up with folks we haven’t seen for a minute.


The Forest performs at The 5 Spot, November 13, 2021


The Forest singers Kate Atanian and Danesa Harper reunited at The 5 Spot, November 13, 2022


I’ve run out of time for a more thorough article – this is really just an announcement this time. I hope if you’re in town and don’t have other plans, you’ll stop by. It’ll be great to see you!

This will be The Forest’s first performance in public together in 2022. We’re bringing a completely different set from the one we played for the November 13 show – late 60s and 70s uptempo rock ‘n’ roll as usual, and yes we will still play some Pink Floyd!

Keep up with the band on our website!


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