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Wholehearted Attention, November 12

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Wholehearted Attention

Thursday, November 12, 7 pm

A discussion with Walter Bitner, Dr. Ronald Crutcher, and Alex Laing

Music plays a unique and important place in our culture and an understanding and appreciation of music is a hallmark of the educated person. Beyond the content of the music curriculum however, there is something fundamentally different about the process of music-making from the way most other subjects are taught in school that is of immense value to the successful education of dynamic, flexible, and responsive individuals. Music students must simultaneously perform a complex set of operations that call on more aspects of the human being than any other activity they face in school.

Grannis Photography

At its best, musical performance demands a wholehearted attention from the participant, a complete absorption in the moment in which all other thoughts and concerns disappear.

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