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My Top 21 Science Fiction Novels of All Time

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Introducing Off Topic: because one cannot live on Music and Education alone.

After more than a year of writing Off The Podium, I decided to let out the leash a little and allow myself to write about something else, from time to time. This blog will continue to primarily feature my writings on Music and Education! But once in a while it’s good to change it up.

So now for something completely different: my carefully curated list of My Top 21 Science Fiction Novels of All Time. If this is not your thing, just move along. This is not the post you’re looking for!

Off Topic posts and pages – when I write them – will be conveniently accessed from the menu at the top right of any page on my site.

Go to the list:

>My Top 21 Science Fiction Novels of All Time>

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  1. Jay Bitner says:

    Hi Walt,

    > I started reading your post this morning…neat…I have a lot more to read, but I must close my eyes and come back…Raphael should love this post! Great idea!




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