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and all manner of things! ~ leading Herring’s Head at a morning assembly, Carrollwood Day School, 2003

Over the years I taught literally hundreds of songs to my students, songs which I learned from others or from books and recordings. In 2003, Mary Nelson at Carrollwood Day School helped me begin to collect them – thank you Mary! We had the idea of preparing a songbook with songs arranged by topic, but I was unable to find time in the years that followed to move beyond the initial work we did, and put together a songbook in earnest.

Since I began writing about music education and publishing here on Off the Podium in 2015, I’ve written articles about some of these songs, and decided to collect a table of contents with links to them here. Most of these articles have free copies of the songs which you may print and use with your students, and some also have arrangements I made of them for my student ensembles. I hope they will be useful and interesting to other music teachers!


Table of Contents

(this collection is a work in progress)



Fie, Nay, Prithee John

How Great is the Pleasure

Sumer Is Icumen In


Cumulative songs

Herring’s Head


Winter Solstice

The Boar’s Head Carol

In Dulci Jubilo

Personent Hodie



updated September 27, 2019



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