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prefatory matter to John Dowland: Lachrimae, or Seaven Teares

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John Dowland In His Own Words

The Lute Appendix iv e




and Sacred Princesse ANNA QVEENE of Eng-

land, Scotland, France, and Ireland

SInce I had to accesse to your Highness at VVinchester, (most gracious Queene) I haue beene twice vnder sayle for Denmarke, hastning my returne to my most royall King and Maister, your deare and worthiest Brother; but by contrary winds and frost, I was forst backe againe, and of necessitie compeld to winter here in your most happie Kingdome. In which time I haue endeuoured by my poore labour and study to manifest my humblenesse and dutie to your highnesse, being my selfe one of your most affectionate Subjects, and also seruant to your most Princely Brother, the onely Patron and Sun-shine of my else vnhappie Fortunes. For which respects I haue presumed to Dedicate this worke of Musicke to your sacred hands, that was begun where you were borne, and ended where you raigne. And though the title doth promise teares, vnfit guests in these ioyfull times, yet no doubt pleasant are the teares which Musicke weepes, neither are teares shed always in sorrowe, but sometime in ioy and gladnesse. Vouchsafe then (worthy Goddesse) your Gracious protection to these showers of Harmonie, least if you frowne on them, they bee Metamorphosed into true teares.

Your Maiesties

in all humilitie deuoted,





To the Reader.

HAuing in fore part met diuers Lute-lessons of my composition, publisht by strangers without my name or approbation; I thought it much more conuenient, that my labours should passe forth vnder mine one allowance, receiuing from me their last toile and polishment; for which consideration I haue vndergone this long and troublesome worke, wherein I haue mixed new songs with olde, graue with light, that euery are may receiue his seuerall content. And as I had in these an earnest desire to satisfie all, I do likewise hope that the peruser will gratefully entertain my endeuours, as they were friendly meant.

This onely obseruaition I must set down in the playing of my Lute-lessons for tuning of the Lute, which is, that the 7.8.9. string open, do answere in the eight the base string aboue, what letter soeuer it be that carries the base: As for example.





*       *       *


Digital score of Lachrimae, or Seaven Teares at the International Music Score Library Project may be found here.

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