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Gurdjieff 1917

G.I. Gurdjieff, 1917, Olginka

This is a private page, not linked to any other on this website. I made this to have a convenient collection of links to various resources for the study of G.I. Gurdjieff’s teachings in one place.


Gurdjieff Foundations

International Association of Gurdjieff Foundations

International Gurdjieff Foundations extensive list, mostly U.S. groups

Gurdjieff International Review

The Gurdjieff Foundation of New York

Gurdjieff Foundation of India

The Gurdjieff Society of Japan

Gurdjieff Society of Australia


Intentional Communities

Rochester Folk Art Guild Louise March

Two Rivers Farm A.L. Stavely



All and Everything Beelzebub’s Tales to His Grandson, English version 1950 in html

All and Everything International Humanities Conference

The Reality of Being Jeanne de Salzmann Gurdjieff’s Teaching: for scholars and practitioners – Sophia Wellbeloved

Gurdjieff: A Reading Guide J. Walter Driscoll


Films and Videos

Meetings With Remarkable Men directed by Peter Brook, 1979 (YouTube)

Roger Lipsey talk on Gurdjieff Reconsidered on the Gurdjieff Society of Massachusetts website



Movements scenes from Meetings With Remarkable Men (YouTube)

Gurdjieff dances Amiyo Devienne and Chetan Greenberg, international seminars, Osho affiliates support for movements teachers and students

Gurdjieff Movements Berlin

First Obligatory

Fifth Obligatory

Great Prayer

Prayer of October 21

The Cross

Multiplication 2



Gurdjieff Page on the Schott Music website

G-H Records original recordings of Thomas de Hartmann performing (formerly Triangle Records)

G.I. Gurdjieff’s Harmonium Improvisations (1949) on the Internet Archive

G.I. Gurdjieff’s Piano Music and Its Application in and outside of “The Work” Johanna J.M. Petsche, 2017

Elan Sicroff pianist, student of Olga de Hartmann

The Gurdjieff Ensemble of Armenia

Worlds Without End: The Cosmology of Music Mitzi DeWhitt



Gurdjieff Heritage Society archives founded by Dushka Howarth

Howarth Gurdjieff Archive 1910-2010 New York Public Library

Dolmen Meadow Editions small press with a unique Gurdjieff-oriented catalog from Toronto Gurdjieff Group

Traditional Studies Press earlier catalog prepared by the Toronto Group before Dolmen Meadows Editions was founded in 2005

Lord John Pentland

Paul Beekman Taylor

Endless Search Ian C. MacFarlane, student of Paul Beidler

Gurdjieff Club Russian site with editions in English and German – some unique resources

Spiritual Practice from the Gurdjieff Work Cynthia Bourgeault

Gurdjieff Books & Music internet bookstore


More Gurdjieffian Teachers and Groups

Gurdjieff Studies U.K., Henriette H. Lannes

Willem Nyland

Gurdjieff and the Fourth Way: A Critical Appraisal Douglas Staley, Winnipeg

The Gurdjieff Legacy Foundation William Patrick Patterson (student of Lord Pentland), online group and seminars, also William Patrick Patterson and many other websites

BePeriod Asaf Braverman, self-described international Fourth Way School

The Fellowship of Friends and Fourth Way Today a.k.a. Living Presence, Robert Earl Burton – self-described esoteric school

Gurdjieff Online – The Exact Science of Evolution another online subscription program

Gurdjieff Central Morrocco Method Institute for Common Sense – Antonio Morrocco

The Spiritual Sun “The Gurdjieffian Version of the Gurdjieff Work” Rob Couture



Gurdjieff in America; An Overview Awaken website 28.VI.2013

David Kherdian interview originally posted to Gurdjieff Internet Guide (now vanished)

The Gurdjieff Work in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia

Rivers of China novel about G and Katherine Mansfield by Alma de Groen


J.G. Bennett

Claymont Society



Ouspensky Today (students of Francis Roles)


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