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dedication to John Dowland: The Second Booke of Songs or Ayres

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John Dowland In His Own Words

The Lute Appendix iv c


Honorable the Lady Lucie

Comptesse of BEDFORD.


EXcellent Ladie: I send vnto your La(dyship): from the Court of a forreine Prince, this uolume of my second labours: as to the worthiest Patronesse, of Musicke: which is the Noblest of all Sciences: for the whole frame of Nature, is nothing but Harmonie, as well in soules, as bodies: And because I am now remoued from your sight, I will speake body, that your La(dyship): shall be vnthankfull to Nature hir selfe, if you doe not loue, & defend that Art, by which, she hath giuen you so well tuned a minde.

Your Ladyship hath in your selfe, an excellent agreement of many vertues, of which: though I admire all, Yet I am bound by my profession, to giue especiall honor, to your knowledge of Musicke: which in the iudgement of ancient times, was so proper an excellence to Wœmen, that the Muses took their name from ir, and yet so rare, that the world durst imagin but nine of them.

I most humbly beseech your La(dyship): to receiue this worke, into your fauour: and the rather, because it commeth far to beg it, of you. From Helsingnoure in Denmarke the first of Iune.


Your Ladyships

in all humble devotion:

Iohn Dowland.


*       *       *


Digital score of The Second Booke of Songs or Ayres at the International Music Score Library Project may be found here.

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